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being a beautiful depressed fuck up so i’m eating ginger snaps with soymilk at one-something in the morning

I mean it doesn’t solve or achieve anything but at least i’m eating some goddamn ginger snaps



Never trust a person who can’t gracefully accept that they shouldn’t say certain words due to violent histories of those said words


Nobuo Sekine - Phase of Nothingness: Black No. 36 (1978)


Nobuo Sekine - Phase of Nothingness: Black No. 36 (1978)

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Kate Nash


i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you // kate nash

you are the girl that i’ve been dreaming of
ever since i was a little girl

fabric feathery-wing-friend, my son, this isn’t really my thing tbh but I think you’d be into this yeah?



Do-Ho Suh - Perfect Home (2013)

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do u ever stop and realize that u are earth-shatteringly gay. like u knew u were gay but yr so much MORE gay than u had consciously realized

[the sound of constant epiphanies of how gay I was even as a child so many unrealized crushes on fictional ladies??]



Oh look, it’s toolers and i in our final forms, as modeled by Jac Jagaciak for Numero.

"Sometimes in black communities we forget that black girls are girls, not little women. My friend then shared with me her own story of being sexually abused and ending up pregnant and in need of an abortion at age 12 because her family members irresponsibly left her with a male family friend. The first time a 12-year-old black girl ever told me she had been raped, I, too, was 12 and she was a friend. The second time, I was a 22-year-old teacher, and the 12-year-old was my student.

I realize now, having heard a version of this story, yet again, that as gut-wrenching as these stories are, among black girls they are not uncommon; they are not even remarkable. So many of the highly educated black women you see went to hell and back before reaching the age of 18. Education has become our drug of choice.

[…]For black girls, educational achievement is not always the best indicator of a stable, happy home life. For me, education offered a goal and reward structure that was predictable and that I could control, simply by doing what was asked of me. In the midst of so many things I could not control, school was attractive. I imagine that for many black girls the narrative is similar."



*tumblr post expressing wish for more protagonists from X Underrepresented Group*

*small chain of smug reblogs with pictures of the few and usually flawed examples of such protagonists as if that solves the problem*

*picture of a character that isn’t even canonically in that underrepresented group*

Anonymous asked : Why black feminist? Why not just feminist lmfao since when was feminism a race thing?


Deep deep deep sigh….. 

First of all mainstream feminism is for white women, and white women only I am not cosigning that bull shit. I am black before I am seen as anything else.

Secondly I have no interest being affiliated with a system that used the oppression of black people for their liberation *see John Lennon ‘women are the niggers of the world’ (Because aparently black women don’t exist lmfao) *see also feminists against allowing black men to vote and creating a form of testing that segregated black men from voting. (google or summat idrc)

So feminism has always been a race thing, lets be real. White feminists are either plagiarising black womens liberty, actively taking part in our oppression, or bastardising and disrespecting our cultures to fulfil the superiority complexes *see Miley Cyrus, Iggy, etc etc. Also *See that white bitch who apparently can’t overcome sexism in her own country but will travel all the way to Africa to disrespect their culture and declare her self the first female warrior of an African tribe once again showing how entitled she is.

Also femen? Like wtf is wrong with those women I have no interest in being affiliated with them sorry, I have no interest in women who think other women who make choices about their religion must be oppressed and saved by the sacred white woman while ignoring the oppression going on in their own countries and respective cultures.

I’m here for black women before I’m here for anyone else sorry not sorry.